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I have a general question about remote projects in WSL: am I supposed to have all the plugins available that the host has? For example, I have the OpenAPI plugin enabled and when I open a JSON file locally with my IDE, I have a split view with the code and the preview. If the file is in WSL and use the Remote Development / WSL feature, the file is simply opened as JSON without any preview and without any buttons for toggling the preview. I double-checked that the OpenAPI plugin is enabled, and it is in the settings under Plugins (Host), but it isn't in the list of available plugins in Plugins (Client). In fact, the only plugins available in Plugins (Client) are Performance Testing and Terminal.

There are some additional limitations, like I cannot display the Git branch in the status bar like with the local IDE.

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Hello, this is a known issue at

Workaround for the git problem:
run "Show main window" action and in a projected host IDE frame turn off the widget with Git Branches using context menu from widgets panel and turn it on again. After this, the git branches widget will appear on Thin Client.

Feel free to vote and watch the YouTrack item in order to be notified once it has updates. See this article if you are not familiar with YouTrack.


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