Corrupt display ?

Hi -

I am using PhpStorm 2023.2.1 and have recently noticed some strange behaviour. I have a html file and if I make ANY alterations to this file, after uploading - the layout seems “off”.  Elements are not aligned as they should. When I say make any alterations, I just need to make any edits to the original file and after uploading - the file does not render as it should. I have uploaded 2 images to show what I mean,

This is the page before any edits.


Then make ANY change (and I mean any change - even pressing a spacebar and saving) and after uploading the page, looks like this :


I have set phpStorm to automatically upload any changes to my remote server via FTP. Has anyone come across this issue ? Or can anyone shed some light as to what may be happening ?


Many thanks.





As the initial troubleshooting step, I would compare a local and remote copies of the uploaded files.

Also, it is just a speculation but probably, you are experiencing the following infamous issue:


Ok, thanks Vasiliy  I will look into that.





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