Process running but console frozen

I have a script running in Pycharm, expected execution time based on small batch testing was < 3 hours. 
It’s now been several hours more than that. Pycharm running list still shows my script running. But there are no more console logs being printed.   Also my output files have not been updated with the new data. 

In your opinion:
(A) script is frozen (quit and retry with smaller input batch to reduce execution time)

(B) just a console freeze and script is still working in background (wait a bit longer to see what happens)

macOS 14.1.1, M1 Max, 32 GB RAM

Activity Monitor shows the CPU time for Pycharm continuing to increase.  CPU usage is 6.7% for Pycharm. Memory usage for Pycharm is 3.4 GB across 101 threads. 

This is quite an unusual question. The execution time is irrelevant for the output console, so most likely, the script is frozen (if the execution time was calculated correctly).
Also, is it an ML or Data-related script? Do you see any CPU or RAM consumption spikes?

Hi. Thanks for quick response. 
It’s a data related script (processing a list of ids, obtaining data related to id via api request and saving data in json and csv formats). 

No cpu or ram spikes are visible in activity monitor. 

I have amended the script to handle data in chunks and write in stages. Better performance but did get a couple of apparent hangs still. 


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