Can xdebug automatically breakpoint the specified project when multiple projects are involved

Hello. Because there are multiple project interactive calls, opening multiple projects will simultaneously enable xdebug listening. Then whenever there is an xdebug request, the editor always prompts which project to choose for debugging.

May I ask if it is possible to automatically match the xdebug project based on the domain name without prompting. Endless gratitude, thank you!

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Is there any chance that all (or some) project have the same “host:port” pair? Apparently, you might be experiencing the following issue:


Vasiliy Yur, thank you for your answer. 

The current situation is like this

Window host

nns. devi. hk

payment. devi. hk Port 80 9014 port


When opening two projects separately

Then visit When

Will prompt me which project to choose for debugging

The directories of the two projects are independent of each other. So I really hope to be able to automatically breakpoint the corresponding project based on the domain name; Instead of requiring selection for confirmation.

I don't know if it can be implemented. Thank you


Thank you for your reply.

If I got it correctly, there is no detection mechanism yet in case of several projects with one host but different mappings, here is a ticket about it:

I believe that the only workaround for now is to disable listening on a second connection but it does not work correctly now (WI-74698). However, this ticket is already fixed and the fix should arrive to the PhpStorm 2023.3 Beta 2 that is about to be available later this week.


Vasiliy Yur, Thank you for your reply。

I'll try again   Thank you。


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