Configure Codeception in IntelliJ Ultimate

I'm trying to create a Runtime Configuration for the Codeception framework for PHP, used in my IntelliJ Ultimate IDE. 

  • In the search Engines, there's this page ‘Codeception | IntelliJ IDEA Documentation - JetBrains’ proposed:, resulting in a 404
  • Then there's this page, telling you that the Codeception framework should be available in your IDE if the PHP plugin is installed and enabled. I have the PHP plugin (most recent version) installed + enabled, but cannot add a runtime configuration for codeception. Whenever trying to do so via Settings > Languages & Frameworks > PHP > Test Frameworks > “+”, it simply adds a new runtime configuration for PHPUnit (which works fine btw).
  • Which is when I came across this plugin here developed by you: 
  • When installing that, I can now successfully select a Codeception runtime configuration when creating a new one under Settings > Languages & Frameworks > PHP > Test Frameworks > “+”, then indicating the path to codeceptions' binary, which is then also properly recognized. 
  • The problem is then, if I run any file with the according configuration, I get an error, because the extension for some reason looks for the autoload.php file within the folder of the codeception binary ("Could not find vendor/bin/autoload.php"), as the autoload.php file is obviously not there.

How can I install, configure & use a proper Codeception runtime configuration in IntelliJ ultimate?

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Are you using WSL? It sounds like this one: WI-66458
Please check if setting the Codeception path to /absolute/path/to/vendor/codeception/codeception/codecept helps.


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