Request For A Terminal Application.


I have been searching for a high-quality terminal application for my computer, but I have not found any satisfactory one. Most of the available terminals are very limited and difficult to customize, with few or no features. It is surprising that in the 21st century, the terminals are still outdated and inefficient. I think that Jetbrains should develop a powerful standalone terminal application that matches their excellent IDEs, with a plethora of useful features out-of-the-box. 😊



Do I understand correctly that you mean a separate application (it's not about the Terminal window in IDE)?

We accept requests related to existing JetBrains products only. If you have any feature requests related to JetBrains IDEs, please feel free to submit a request in YouTrack.




Thank you, your reply!

Yes, I'm requesting for developing a separate terminal application. There are already a few terminals with some powerful features like Fig and warp but are limited to single platform.

I think this is not the right place for this request. Is there something dedicated for sharing this idea to Jetbrains team? 



There is a similar request: (status is Shelved because we don't have plans to implement a terminal application in the near future)

You can vote for this ticket and add your suggestions in the comments.


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