How to set custom URL Scheme for Development?


I want to add a feature to my plugin to make it perform an action when using a jetbrains://myProtocol/foobar link. I already added and registered a JBProtocolCommand. But I do not see a way to test it- every jetbrains:// link will be handled by Toolbox and sent to a different IDE instance than the sandbox one I am debugging my plugin in. I always get this line of log:

WARN - #c.i.o.a.Application - No URL bundle (CFBundleURLTypes) is defined in the main bundle.
To be able to open external links, specify protocols in the app layout section of the build file.
Example: args.urlSchemes = ["your-protocol"] will handle following links: your-protocol://open?file=file&line=line

How to “specify protocols in the app layout section of the build file”? I guess there must be some way to configure it to be “jetbrains-myplugin://” or whatever to make sure only the sandbox IDE instance picks it up.

I am using the org.jetbrains.intellij Gradle plugin.

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It seems not possible to test it in the Sandbox IDE.

Specifying protocols via mentioned args.urlSchemes is a part of internal build scripts, not available for plugins.

I suggest testing the feature in the non-Sandbox IDE. You can build your plugin and install it from disk:


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