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I'm new to Jetbrains IDE and i'd like to try for a big java project. 

It's a project whose structure I can no longer change for various reasons and I have scattered sources. So I added source content roots to my module for each source. (hundreds of them). Everything works perfectly.

The problem is the display of names in Intellij :


It displays the name of the last folder in the tree. The problem is that at least half of them have the same name.

The entire source path is displayed in gray alongside, but that's not enough for a good use.

Is it possible to customize? Or at least display the full path name (not in gray alongside). I haven't found a way to do this.

thanks a lot!


Did I understand correctly, that you have a few modules in your project? 

If yes, right-click the content root folder in the project view and click “Open module settings”. Then give your module a unique name. Example:

Otherwise, please share some example of project of the same structure as your working project.


No sorry I only have one is named “intellij”

I added content root to it at the right of my screen. Maybe there is another way to add scattered sources ?


Sadly, IDEA UI does not cover all possible variants. But we can use a workaround provided by OS.

  1. run command `subst z: c:\dev\my_path_to_project"
  2. Open the IDEA project from z: drive
  3. Add the command 1 to startup 

    Therefore, the path will be shortened so you will see a meaningful name. Alternatively, you can use a symlink.

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