Unable to execute DDL to create stored procedure


Prior to updating to DataGrip 2023.2.3, I was able to open a .SQL file, edit the  stored procedure code and hit ctrl+enter.  DataGrip would run the DDL to create or replace the procedure.

After upgrading to 2023.2.3, when I hit ctrl+enter, I'm prompted for the procedure's parameters instead of executing the DDL.  For some reason, DataGrip thinks I'm trying to run the proc….not create/replace?

The strange thing….this is only happening with some of the files in our Git repo.

Has anyone run into this before?

Environment: Snowflake.


Apparently 2023.2.3 and 2023.3.3 do not like it if you have a “?” in your cursor declaration….which is 100% valid with Snowflake.  Plus, it's the only way to pass values into a cursor during runtime.

I was told to open an issue (DBE-19408) so the developers can see the problem and hopefully fix the bug. 

In the meantime, I reverted back to 2022.3.3 which is the version I was running before all the problems started.


Hi - thanks for the report. 

I managed to reproduce the problem, and updated DBE-19408 accordingly.

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