Feature Request: for creating Artifacts -- have option to 'create gradle task' for this operation


I'm having issues with the standard method for creating fat jars: Shadow plugin, or the usual ‘fatJar’ gradle task.

Though they succesfully create jars, the jars aren't usable in the commercial app I plug them into as extensions due to various errors, including class def not found, and missing class annotations.

The only way that works for me is manually building a fat jar using the ‘Artifacts’ tool in ‘Project Structure’.

It would be great if after creating the artifiact config, there was an option to create a Gradle task from what I just did. That way I could go in and edit it, make a template out of it for future artifacts, etc.

Thanks for listening



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Thank you for your suggestion!

Can you please provide more details on the issues you are currently having with Gradle?

Would it also be possible to share a reproducer Project?

Gradle is generally very flexible and there might be a way to configure it so it produces Artifacts with the structure you are looking for!



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