Want to change the version of Gradle used in IntelliJ 2023.2


Plat = Ubuntu 18.04, 16 GB RAM, 64 bit, IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition 2023.2

I'm using Java 17, openjfx 0.0.13, Kotlin 1.8.22 and Gradle 8.2. 

The IDE auto-selected Gradle 8.2.

Correct compatibility between Java 17 and Gradle should be Gradle 7.3 as per: https://docs.gradle.org/current/userguide/compatibility.html

What are the steps to change my current Gradle 8.2 to Gradle 7.3?


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Hello, Sam!

Start by checking the Gradle Settings.

If you are using Wrapper you can simply update gradle/wrapper/gradle-wrapper.properties file (distributionURL parameter).

If you would like to use a locally installed instance of Gradle - choose the corresponding option in the Gradle Settings and point IDEA to the directory where Gradle files are located (note that you have to point IDEA to Gradle's “root” folder and not directly to the “bin”).


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