Sorry, email address is blocked. Please use another email address.

Hello, I have been using JetBrains free license for one year but when I try to renew the license it says your email is blocked:

Sorry, sim……… email address is blocked. Please use another email address and i submitted an official document a week ago and i don't know if someone saw it because i didn't receive an answer. I would be so thankful if someone helped me with my problem because i use pycharm and intellij idea for my university assignments and projects a lot.

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Hello Mohaned Ali Yassi,

you for reaching out to us. Please excuse the delay in getting back
to you.

educational domains are blocked due to the previous cases of license
misuse. You can't get a license with such email instantly. Please
note that also
and our student checks are different. Sometimes we cannot issue
licenses by email or GitHub account alone.

you can submit a request or renew your license with an option

get a new educational license, please submit a form and attach your

renew your license, please log in to JetBrains account
and click renew. Then select "Official document" and
attach your up-to-date supporting document in the PDF format.

requests are processed by our managers in 2 weeks. If you need a
license right now, please start a free trial.

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