I miss "Essential" syntax and problem highlighting from options or i can't find it.


I'm mean Highlight: `Essential` - syntax and problems highlighting mode mentioned here

It is very useful mode for me because Highlight: `Essential` doesn't bother me during writing the code, saves battery and resources then it runs the scan once when saving the file. 


It randomly? turns on in both IntelliJ Idea and Android studio but the moment i switch the highlighting mode option there's no apparent way to reactivate it.

As you can see on the screenshot, Highlight: `Essential` is active in one of my opened tab but it is not active in the others and option is missing from drop down menu in both cases.  

Sometimes the option to turn the Essential highlight mode appears in hamburger `menu` > `file`  right bellow  `power save mode`  but it also appears to be random (e.g. today it's not there)  

General searching (`shift`+`shift` > “Essential”l) and searching inside setting directly didn't help me to locate this option either.

Any idea where is this settings located and how to toggle it?


Hello, Smolek Martin. Unfortunately, there is no option to enable the Essential highlighting mode for now. The option becomes enabled automatically on typing to reduce the annoyance of incorrect highlighting and reduce CPU consumption. 
We're investigating the possibility of adding this option to the list of available modes so every user can toggle it by themself. Although I can't provide any further details, I'll add your feedback to our internal issues so my colleagues will be aware of it. 

Please let me know in case of any questions or requests.


Thank you for reply Olga Mulina .     

It'll be appreciated when option is added.


In meantime , can you please describe how is the Essential highlight activated automatically in more details? Like should i stop typing for x seconds or typing for x seconds.

I ask because It doesn't seems to ever turn on for some of the opened tabs while other tabs have it activated upon opening them. 


Smolek Martin, unfortunately, I can't provide you with a certain algorithm on how to make this highlighting mode work the same way as if you enable it manually. It is quite flexible in terms of enabling and should be switched to All Problems after the changes are saved (on Ctrl+S, frame deactivation, etc).


@Olga Mulina ,   alright.  Hopefully feature is going to get green-lighted soon.    


If may i add, it seem that essential mode doesn't really work as you described here: 

The option becomes enabled automatically on typing to reduce the annoyance of incorrect highlighting and reduce CPU consumption.  

This is how it seems to work for me in both Intellij Idea and AndroidStudio. Maybe it will be of use:

  • Some files opened in tabs have `highlight: Essential` mode by default upon file creation.  Those tabs stay in `Essential` mode during writing and in between writing or until modes are manually switched.  
  • But the moment tab is switched to any other highlighting mode, `Essential` mode never seems to come back on, nor can it be switched to manually for this particular file.    
  • So there doesn't seem to be anything automatic about turning the `highlight: Essential` on/off.   It either is activated from the beginning of file creating or is not.  
  • It also seem that once modes are switched manually it decreases chance of seeing `Essential` in other places.   

Sorry for it being all the uncertain “seems” but since i have no full understanding what and when activates the functionality, i do my best to describe what i observe.  






Smolek Martin, could you please share the .idea/workspace.xml file for your project (you can do it via the JetBrains Uploads service and write the ID you receive here)? I want to check if the essential highlighting mode is enabled there.


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