Using vcpkg as submodule with CLion Nova?


vcpkg recommends using vcpkg as a submodule for CMake project. (Source:

I have some CMake projects already setup like this.

Within CLion Nova I found there is a vcpkg panel which looks nice. But it only prompts me to add a new vcpkg instance. I don't find any way to tell it to use an existing vcpkg instance. In this case the vcpkg instance is part of the project as a submodule, as recommended by the vcpkg docs.

Is there a way to do this? Or does CLion only support creating new vcpkg instances?



But it only prompts me to add a new vcpkg instance.

If you already have vcpkg installed, provide the path to its location in the “Directory” field of the “Add Vcpkg” window.

The related web help article -


Ah, I didn't realize you could do that. I thought it'd try to install vcpkg to the location I gave it.

Having just added it, CLion doesn't list all the packages I have described in my manifest file:

It's not showing `tinyxml2`. But it picked up my `gtest` dependency.

When I searched it up and clicked “Add to vcpkg” it added a new entry:

Looks like CLion doesn't recognize the shorthand version of specifying a dependency without a version constraint.


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