Python SDK Error in PyCharm

The problem started after I uninstalled Anaconda and all apps and Python from my C drive due to storage space issues and reinstalled Anaconda in D drive along with Pycharm. I did not reinstall Python as it showed that anaconda had already installed it. Now after setting everything up in pycharm I open the the .ipynb file and try to run it but it shows the following error:

“Jupyter server process failed to start Invalid Python SDK Python 3.8”

It is to be noted that the interpreter showing in PyCharm is 3.12. Additionally I also separately installed python to my D drive. Oddly when I convert the file into a .py file and run it, it runs. It only does not run .ipynb files. Attaching a screenshot of the error too.

Please advise as this is for my Masters thesis. Thank you.

Hi, could you please show a screenshot of your Jupyter server settings from "Preferences/Settings | Languages & Frameworks | Jupyter | Jupyter Servers"?

Also, please provide the output of `python -V` where python is the same binary configured for your Jupyter server.

The Jupyter Server settings in Pycharm are in the first screenshot. I should correct my previous query by stating that its not Python 3.12 but 3.11.

The second screenshot is the output of ‘python -V’ in CMD.

Hope this gives some insight. Thank You.

Could you please try the following? 

1. Remove all interpreters from PyCharm and close it.
2. Remove the `options/jdk.table.xml` file from the configuration directory (
3. Restart PyCharm and reconfigure the interpreter again
4. Try running some .py file to make sure it's working
5. Try running the cell in the notebook

Does the issue persists?

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