Which keymap entries do I have to change so that I can use TAB to cycle through autocomplete options?


I'm using IntelliJ Ultimate and I'd like to be able to use Tab and Shift+Tab to cycle through the entries of the autocomplition window which pops up when I start typing.

I found out that I can remove TAB from “Choose Lookup Item Replace” (under Settings → Keymap → Editor Actions) to disable the default behavior. However, I cannot find the option to which I have to add TAB to make it work. I tried adding TAB to “Select Next Completion Option” (under Keymap → Other) and to “Select Next Row” and “Select Next Menu Item” (under Keymap → Other → List Actions / Popup Menu Actions, respectively), but it simply doesn't work.

EDIT: It seems to be working in .js files. However, I'm in an HTML file and instead of chosing the next autocomplete option, TAB completes the current tag, for example, by turning “scr<TAB>” into “<scr></scr>”.

Which keymap option is the correct one?

Please try to assign preferred shortcuts to Select Next Completion Option and Select Previous Completion Option actions.

Ethan Yin Thank you, that does work in most cases. However, in HTML files it still doesn't work properly. For example, when I type the word “data” inside the body of an HTML file, a popup appears that shows me four options: “<data”, “<datalist”, “datag”, and “datal”. When I press TAB, IntelliJ does not cycle through these options but instead autocompletes “<data></data>”.

Is there a way to change a keymap entry or some other option to also get the desired behavior in HTML files or could this be a bug?

It works when start to type with `<`. For example, does it work for you if you enter `

Ethan Yin Thank you for creating the issue! Yes, it does work, if I actually want to cycle through HTML elements. However, if I want to select the “datag” or “datal” entries from the popup, starting with “<” is not an option.

I also noticed the same problem in JavaScript files: If I write a JavaScript file that contains “const user = {};” and I type “us” and let the autocompletion-popup appear, pressing TAB leads to the autocompletion of “"use strict;"” instead of cycling through the options.

Changing the keys Elena Pogorelova mentioned in the issue you opened, does indeed lead to the desired behavior.

Thanks alot!


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