WebStorm fiddle / playground?

What's the easiest way to get a “playground” environment, where I'm editing my HTML/JS/CSS code in WebStorm, and immediately seeing updates in a browser?

I know I can set this up, but I never do. Always seems too "fiddly", and I want the fiddle NOW. So I end up going to sites like https://jsfiddle.net/ or https://codesandbox.io/ , which have inferior dev experience.

Any ideas? Plugins?


You can preview/update your code in browser using the HTML preview: https://www.jetbrains.com/help/webstorm/editing-html-files.html#ws_html_preview_output_procedure

If you miss a JS playground like JSFiddle, please vote for WEB-10487


Yeah, I know about the live HTML preview. The whole thing is nearly there, but just lacks a few small pieces.

- Ability to run live server in a scratch file (live server only works on project files, it opens scratches using file:// protocol)
- Ability to quickly fill in fiddle-like file template (html, with a style tag and script)

Alternatively, webstorm should be able to *quickly* set up a “fiddle” style project, without having to choose the location on disk and all the other settings. This would also allow fiddles for compiled languages, like JSX react.

Voted on the issue.


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