Custom plugin repository


1) Is there a way to add or modify custom plugin repository url programmatically? 
2) Can a plugin be uninstalled programmatically? 
I have a requirement to uninstall my older plugin(A) and install my newer plugin(B). Both plugins have different plugin id.


I came across PluginReplacement extension point. The problem is I haven't defined the plugin replacement extension in my older plugin(A). Even if I release one more version of plugin (A)  with PluginReplacement. The user might not be on the latest version.  

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  1. com.intellij.openapi.updateSettings.impl.UpdateSettings stores plugin repositories, but please be aware that it is not a part of the open API. Why do you need to edit this programmatically? To just add new repositories, see com.intellij.ide.plugins.CustomPluginRepoContributor.
  2. There is no open API for this. If you want to do it from plugin B, I suggest displaying a notification asking users to do it.

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