Line Marker Provider not executed


I don’t know why, the code is not executed

<codeInsight.lineMarkerProvider language="JAVA" implementationClass="com.leaniss.smartchat.inlay.MyLineMarkerProvider2"/>
package com.leaniss.smartchat.inlay;

 * @Description //TODO
 * @Date 2023/12/6 18:17
 * @Author yongwangat
public class MyLineMarkerProvider2 implements LineMarkerProvider {
    public LineMarkerInfo<?> getLineMarkerInfo(@NotNull PsiElement element) {
        // Only work with method identifiers (to reduce unnecessary checks)
        if (element instanceof PsiMethod && element.getFirstChild() != null) {
            PsiMethod method = (PsiMethod) element;
            // Check if the method name contains "test"
            if (method.getName().contains("test")) {
                // Provide an appropriate tool tip message
                Function<PsiElement, String> tooltipProvider = e -> "Test method: " + method.getName();
                return new LineMarkerInfo<>(
                        AllIcons.RunConfigurations.TestState.Run, // IntelliJ's test icon
                        null, // No click action
        return null;





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It's impossible to tell what the reason is without more details. What file do you run it on? Did you set a debugger breakpoint in this method?

Also, please name topics more accurately. In this case, I'm renaming it from “Line Marker Provider” to “Line Marker Provider not executed”.


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