*Why* do I need to “Reload From Disk” in the projects view?


I have found plenty of posts about what it is. But not about why I need to.

One case: I rename a file: `git mv a b`. Commit it (not through Intellij). At this point I haven’t opened the file in Intellij yet. So I try to open it through the Projects view (file browser). But it isn’t there. I naively click “Reload From Disk” on some random file in that view. Doesn’t help. Then I do the same on some (transitive) parent directory or something. Then it works.

But I don’t understand why this is necessary?

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Can you give more context? 

1) Where is the project located? Is only single project affected?
2) If you just perform GIT MV, without commit, is the file in the commit window in IDE? 
3) When you go to directory mappings, are the paths to project(s) explicitly added?
4) When you perform refresh in commit window, or git status in IDE terminal, is everything back to normal? 
5) In in Settings | Appearance & Behavior | System Settings, do you have “Synchronize external changes when switching to the IDE window” enabled


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