Where did SciView tool window go?

In the latest version of PyCharm (version 2023.3, professional edition, Build #PY-233.11799.259, built on December 3, 2023), I have noticed that the SciView tool window, where I typically inspect pandas dataframes and plots, is no longer available. Instead, when I click 'view as dataframe,' it opens another tab in the main window.

I prefer to inspect my dataframe alongside my code and would like to know if there is a way to bring back the old SciView tool window.

Thank you.


I just rolled back to use Version 2023.2.


The old “view as dataframe” in SciView was literally one of the best features in PyCharm for data science. It allowed easily selecting rows with substrings and functions, and can be easily refreshed. These functions are now gone. It breaks my heart that it is now deprecated.


So, the brilliant designers thought the this would be a great improvement: Scientific project | PyCharm Documentation (jetbrains.com). Go to Threads & Variables, search your variable and directly click on the View DataFrame blue letters. Doing right click and then view will not work. 

Hope this helps 


they removed the best feature they ever built


for someone wanna roll back: you can use JetBrains Toolbox to switch to v2023.2.

Hello there,
Unfortunately, this is an issue of a recent release: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/PY-64570; please vote for it to raise its relevance and receive updates regarding the fix status.

Intellij isn't even letting me open up the dataframe at all. I had to revert my version.


the new feature “data visualization” is shit, bring back the old SciView of numpy array and pandas dataframe.


Followed Yuya's guidance to revert to 2023.2.5 and “view as dataframe” is back, that is awful


Totally agree. SciView was cleanly, simply and perfectly designed for the tasks many of us need to perform. Please bring it back.


also went back to 2023.2.5, I see the improvements of the new approach, but for quick data understanding a glance to a heatmap is a must, I will not update until it is back again


edited: 2023.3.3 RC is very good https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/PY-64570#update


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