PHP storm eating up all available memory

hi guys,

My M2 MacBook air runs out of memory after couple of hours and its generally sluggish.

Using ddev if that makes any difference. Updated to latest phpstorm and all plugins are up to date, but it did not fix it. Been struggling with it for couple of months and getting progresively worse. 

Closing project down does not seem to free up the memory, only killing phpstorm itself.


Any ideas



Please don't set Xmx to a value as high as 10GB unless your machine has at least 64GB RAM; even then it's undesirable because the garbage collector would choke.

Please change it to 4GB at Help | Change Memory Settings and check how it goes.


Hi, thanks for reply. I have set it to 4GB now but I did increase it beacuse of the memory issues … Will see how it goes


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