Plugin menus collapsed since IntelliJ update


Since the most recent IntelliJ update, my plugin menus in the top menu bar have had their contents (specifically, their submenus) collapsed, and the top level actions and menu have disappeared. See here for the noDoc and Blueprint plugins,


After update:

@Entity, FaceCase and Additional Tools were all sub-menus inside Blueprint, which itself has disappeared. noDoc had no submenus and so has disappeared altogether (although I can still find its actions via Search Anywhere)

Do I need to update something to make these menus visible again?


What helped for me was adding the following to the action group:


But not sure if this is the official solution or just a workaround


Hi Evan,

I checked all the existing MainMenu items, and all are popups, like Tom suggested doing. I failed to find a change that could cause it, but I suggest the same.


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