How to restore my colors/theme?


I just made the mistake of allowing the upgrade to 2023.3 Build #IU-233.11799.241 to proceed just now.

I find all my colors are gone and I'm left with an unwanted dark view. I know, from having looked from my similarly misfortunate PyCharm upgrade a few weeks back (I'm not currently working in Python, so I didn't take time out to complain), there there are no reliable, easily appliable light themes anymore to get me back to what I want.

What's the shortest way back to sanity? I have actual work to do.



It would appear, as I became convinced with PyCharm a few weeks ago, that there is no way to restore the original chromatic appearances of IDEA. Finding a theme close to your old one is about the only option, then get busy with Editor → Color Scheme.

I would have preferred the update present the option to preserve what was there.


According to users' requests, some of our themes were not contrasting enough, or the contrast was too high. Therefore, we keep changing some colors. If you would rather keep an old version, please let us know the theme name, and the version number. We will send you the custom theme with the saved colors, and the custom theme is not subject to change during version upgrades. 


I think my problem is that, when I began using IntelliJ IDEA over a decade ago and established the (few, mostly “wheat” colored text-edit panes I wanted), there were no themes yet. I was just shocked that upgrading meant that I was suddenly imposed a dark theme. I have “started over” by setting IntelliJ Light and I may choose to change my edit views to a wheat color or not. We'll see.



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