Sticky scroll for Project View / File Tree


Is there a sticky scroll in project view like vscode has it.


The way it works is when the project view is too large to show the whole inner directories, it will stick all of the major headings to the top so you know where you are located.


For example, say I am looking at file model 405 in a structure where we are in

source (300 directories) → staff (500 directories) → objects (300 directories) → models (405 files) then instead of seeing all of the files I will just see the models including the one I am at and showing that I am in source/staff/objects/models.


I cant see this feature in IntelliJ from what I can see?

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Josh Piper1505 I'm afraid currently there's no such functionality in our IDE. As an option you can track your location and navigate within the current project part using the Navigation bar.

There is a feature request in our tracker for sticky scroll, please upvote IDEA-321143 and follow if for updates.



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