AI Assistant Will Not Activate in WebStorm or IntelliJ


I just upgraded to the 2023.3 version of both WebStorm and IntelliJ. My results are the same in both Windows 10 and Kubuntu 22.04. I purchased a subscription to AI Assistant. However, after following the AI Assistant registration instructions and selecting my license, AI Assistant does nothing but keep asking me to login again.

I can see that I am already logged in, as my ID is being displayed on the bottom left of the AI Assistant “Get Started” popup. When I use the context menu in an editing pane, the only active option for AL Assistant is “Go to activation”. What am I missing?


Could you please enable debug logging by adding the following lines to Help > Diagnostic Tools > Debug Log Settings..:

restart IDE, reproduce the issue again and share your IDE logs (Help > Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data)?
Log can help us analyze the issue deeper and find the root cause.

You can upload the zipped logs here:, just provide the uploaded file ID. Thanks!


I am facing the same issue. I followed your instructions above and uploaded my zipped logs. The uploaded file ID is 2023_12_09_2Am7tFiMNzt1Gx9bUEaifW


Please try the workaround mentioned in the YouTrack ticket reported for this bug:
And follow the YouTrack issue for further updates. 


The workaround worked. Thank you.


I am not able to use the link you posted, as I am getting a server not responding error on the You Track page.

Just in case it is something different, here is my Upload ID: 2023_12_09_U9po8dFoDBaNppbarJ3jm8


Jeff Furgal 
You should be able to access this link:
In case you still cannot, here is the workaround from it:

  1. Log out and log in again to your JB account via lower left corner of Help > Register... dialog.
  2. Remove and reactivate the IDE and AI Assistant licenses in the same dialog
  3. Restart the IDE.



Thank you. That solved the problem. 


Ivan Pajic Just curious, Will AI Assistance be included in the Educational pack?


AI Assistant is an individual plugin, and it is not planned to be included in an IDE license/pack.
Free AI Assistant trial (7 days) is available for users with valid paid IDE subscriptions. For now, AI trial is not available for educational/student IDE licenses. However, this decision may change in the future. Alternatively, AI Pro license can be used with educational/student IDE license.


I am facing the same issue in Intellij IDEA. I followed your instructions above and uploaded my zipped logs. The uploaded file ID is

Upload ID: 2024_01_09_axTX1m2spWHXrFq6hGCAtx 


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