Run ESLint --fix on save / only on modified files


I have “Run ESLint --fix on save” enabled: 

The problem is that it often freezes up my IDE, sometime I even have to force quit IntelliJ IDEA.

It seems that this actually runs against all files, not just the open/modified files. Applying ESLint fixes to the entire codebase on every save seems to be a performance problem. Is there a way to configure IntelliJ to only run ESLint --fix on modified files?


Run ESLint --fix on save actually runs against “dirty” files only (i.e. only those that have unsaved changes)


Hm, yeah that does make sense, but I did some tests and saw that editing one file caused another non-dirty file to get ESLint fixes applied…


Unfortunately I failed to reproduce this.

Could you share a minimal test project and steps that reproduce it?


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