Git - review changes


Hey, thanks for making your IDE even better!

I have a question, however :)

Previously, clicking the `Git` button on the bottom toolbox showed a list of files edited and you could click a file to see only specific lines edited. But the whole view seems to be changed now. I am wondering how I can find this functionality in the new UX.

I can use the `Changes` tab on the left - it does show the list of files edited, but when you click each file the whole file shows up instead of only edited lines, which is not very convenient.



From 2023.3 release, non-modal window became default commit tool window. If you wish to return to previous behaviour, please go to Settings or Preferences | Version Control | Commit  and disable Non-modal commit window.
You may also use non-modal window in the old location by:
Having non-modal commit window enabled + in Settings | Advanced Settings Enable Commit tool window disabled.

Regarding showing changed lines only, Collapse Unchanged Fragments should be picked. 


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