File name showing as a stand-in for the project when open in 2023.3.1


When I open my main project in 2023.3.1 instead of showing the directory name in the dropdown to the right of the hamburger menu it shows a Java file from the project. The first 2 letters of it are on an icon. The file is not open in the editor. The same file shows on reopening. This file is nothing special in the project.

Why is a supposedly random file from the project down in the dropdown? How can I go back to just showing the directory name? I tried another project and it shows the directory name when open.



Please attach screenshot demonstrating the issue.


also happening in 2023.3.2


Is it possible to share the problem project? ( 

Please try to back-up “.idea” subfolder of your project folder, remove ".idea" from the original location, and reopen the project, so that “.idea” will be re-created. This should fix the issue.


Nadia Tarashkevich removing .idea, did indeed solve the problem. I backed up the folder first. Is there somewhere I can read up on what is stored there and what will I loose after it being recreated?


Settings stored within the .idea folder are specific to your local environment. They may be irrelevant to other developers working on the same project, so usually, .idea content is not put under version control.

.IDEA contents:

  • Project Files: Configuration files specific to your project, such as .iml (module files) and workspace.xml (workspace-specific settings). They are often put into version control.
  • Run/Debug Configurations: Configuration files for your run/debug configurations, specifying how your application should be executed or debugged.
  • Code Style Settings: Settings related to code formatting and style for your project.
  • Version Control Settings: Configuration related to version control integration (e.g., .gitignore files, VCS settings).
  • Inspection profiles  ("Settings | Editor | Inspections")
  • Code templates ("Settings | Editor | Live templates")
  • Project icon (auto-generated icon is also stored)

Great info thanks 👍


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