Known issue with PATCH requests?

I keep PhpStorm updated with Toolbox and it's been like 3 or 4 days now that some *.http requests get stuck running forever. It tends to happen with PATCH requests. Some times the request completely finishes (I can see that in my application logs), some times it doesn't even start. If I export to Curl, it runs almost instantly. Not all requests are affected, but when one is, it stucks every time.

It might have to do with builtin functions, because this request doesn't start but it does when I use a static value:

PATCH http://redacted:5000/api/v1/holidays/19
Authorization: Bearer {{token}}
Content-Type: application/json

    "date": "{{$random.integer(1000, 1999)}}-12-15"

Apparently, you are experiencing the following issues that is caused by dynamic variables:

As far as I see from details, it should be fixed in 2023.3.2 RC, could you please try to install it and check if this problem is still reproducible?


RC works for me. Thank you!


Fantastic, thank you for the update!


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