Oracle: Packaged Custom Types Failing Introspection

Introspection for Oracle is flagging custom types returned by a custom function as an unresolved reference.

The custom type and the function are both defined in the same package. Both are also defined in the package specification and therefore available for introspection. The function is a pipelined table function. The custom type is anchored to columns in an existing view. The columns in the view used for anchoring are defined as built-in types, either varhcar2, date, or number in this case. Introspection level is set to 3. The SQL file is attached to the correct schema. In this case I created the view, the package, the type, and the function so I definitely have sufficient access to view both the signature and the body of the package.


Has anyone else run into this problem?


Hi kdwhite

To investigate this behavior, we need the following logs: 

- introspector logs  

- Dump Model

I'd also appreciate if you could provide your package with defined custom types (it could be a truncated version with just a few types) so we can perform tests of our own in the meantime.

We'll have a look.


Aleksandr Molchanov  can you provide a secure location to send the logs and model?


Yes kdwhite , you can upload the logs onto our FTP server and provide the upload id in your reply.


Aleksandr Molchanov Upload id: 2023_12_20_vv8SkyUeTsumjsJ2FABcZS (file: introspection-diagnostic-Archive

Thanks, I could reproduce the issue with unresolved types and package functions. The objects appear in the database explorer, so it seems like a resolving issue to me. This needs to be reported on our tracker so our dev team can investigate and fix this issue. I'll keep the data private by providing the FTP link only, but if you do have an account on youtrack, I can additionally restrict the page visibility so it can only be accessed by you and our team. 

Let me know if this works.

Thanks kdwhite . We'll investigate and fix this issue.


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