IntelliJ extream lag


This happens quite often. I usually open 5-6 IntelliJ instances. Not sure about these CPU% and Threads but I don't think this is normal behaviour. The only plugins I use are Gradle and Database one nothing else. Version 2022.3.2


Hi Erkan 

I usually open 5-6 IntelliJ instances

Please notice that it is possible to add projects as modules so that you don't have to open multiple IDE instances at once 

Not sure about these CPU% and Threads but I don't think this is normal behaviour

Do you see such CPU consumption when performing specific steps only or even when the IDE was fully loaded and just inding? Let's try to capture a CPU snapshot to understand whether it is a normal or not:

- Help | Diagnostic Tools | Start CPU Usage

- Reproduce the problem for 2-3 minutes. Please do not perform any other actions in the IDE to collect only the needed details

- Help | Diagnostic Tools | Stop CPU Usage

Upload a snapshot at and share an UploadID here


I tried the Cpu usage. 
Here is the file:
Upload id: 2023_12_20_mF34yNxgSdUa8E8Z7thzAE 


From the attached snapshot it seems the problem is caused by GC (Garbage Collector) There is not enough memory allocated for the IDE process to open multiple projects at once and GC starting working too frequently causing high CPU usage and micro freezes

Currently you have -Xmx750m configured. Try with 8192 or 4096

Additional memory can be allocated as per 


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