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Sorry to bring this up in yet another thread but I am trying to get clarity on a couple of  specific points. 


Is the plan to remove the old UI entirely from future development of future IJ versions ?

Is the plan to make the old UI unavailable through any means at some future point ?

If yes to either, then do you have an ETA / Year ?


Thank you !     




1. It is planned to stop supporting Classic UI at some point because maintaining two different UI versions takes many resources. Stopping support is not planned until we address most NewUI UX issues.
2. As the IntelliJ Platform is open-source, it is clear that Classic UI will always be available by at least some means.
3. JetBrains plains ahead for a year. In 2024, it is not planned to remove Classic UI entirely. However, it could become an optional plugin.


Thank you. 


>2. As the IntelliJ Platform is open-source, it is clear that Classic UI will always be available by at least some means.


I scoped this out early on and decided it was too undocumented. At some point, the documentation just stopped, with a note from Dmitri Jemerov I think it was, that “more would come later”. That was 10 years  or more ago, and nothing came.  


I was keenly interested for a while, but after persisting and reading the forum I realized it would  essentially constitute  a second job for me to try to master it so I could build a reliable product or plugin.  Then there's always the risk that IJ will change everything out from under you and all your knowledge transforms into sunk cost / decreasing benefit.  An example of that specific  scenario is, possibly,  what's happening now with the new UI. What kind of burden will that be to plugin devs?    Overall, you don't  want to be at the end of another man's leash if you have a choice. 


I will stop my sub when I can no longer use the old UI on a new version I imagine, and just roll on with the old version I have, which is fine. TTTT, IJ has barely improved for me in a decade or more. You stopped being interested in the type of innovation you were known for and went into, I don't know , synthetic biology or something. That's where the money (and brains) goes, as they say. Almost nothing wrt to editing has improved or been really new in a loooong looong time; just here and there a few things. It's as though you thought that problem was solved. I disagree. I'd share my thoughts (I'm up to 500 + features I'd like to see implemented in a running list I started some years ago) because IJ is truly great at taking in feedback but if you think anything's going to come of that feedback other than a bug fix, well, foe-gheddah-bowt-it. You guys are the Fab Four and if anyone thinks there a place for a fifth Beatle … yeah, no. Go write your own IDE.  


At any rate, your real interests lay beyond the IDE horizon now I sense, which is your right certainly, you have to keep it fresh for yourselves, have something incredible to dream about making and IDEs is probably not a inexhaustible  source of excitement for devs.


We'll see how it goes. I have to say I sensed a shift in JB's priorities and, from my POV you are now acting like all companies act when they get too big , too successful , too old and have too much money. They're bored with their core competency. They stop serving their customers, stop listening to them and start dictating to them. They start chasing just plain weird ideas with all earnestness. 


It's like being in a marriage where one spouse has lost all interest in the other, stops talking to them, stops trying to sincerely relate, takes up other interests and figures the other spouse can lump it or leave it. It's not a great feeling, but I've felt it coming out of  IJ for about 7 or 8 years now, maybe longer.   In my mind, this  just confirms what I knew I knew. 


We're probably headed for a divorce. 


I am sad.  




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