is it possible to define custom extension that highligh with javascript and disable all warnings and errors for it?

Hi I want to define a custom extension like *.js.tpl that highlights with javascript but all warnings and errors turn off and I have just highlighted and colored syntax

To do this I define *.js.tpl here and highlight is done:

also, I define the custom profiles and uncheck all inspections 

but it shows error syntax yet and it does for all files that I want only for files with .js.tpl extensions:

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Your .tpl file is not a valid JavaScript. Disabling inspections won't help here, as the syntax errors are reported by the parser, these are low-level checks that can't be suppressed. I can only suggest switching errors highlighting off for your files: open your file in editor, hover over the Inspector widget in the upper right corner and then change the Highlighting level to None. See


What kind of template is it, BTW?


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