breakpoints are disabled in remote debug


I cant set breaking point when running remote debug, any idea why and how to fix it?



  1. How do you launch the remote debug session?
  2. What run/debug configuration do you use?
  3. Do you mean that breakpoints are not hit?

1. In the target I run "gdbserver --attach localhost:5000 67" where 67 is the process id.
2. attached a screenshot of the clion configurations.

3. It marks all breakpoints with ⌀.
When running a command that should reach the line I marked I get a few signals (which I think is a different issue) and after continuing it doesn't stop at the breakpoints.

Hopefully you can guide me on what I'm doing wrong :)



First, if you use gdbserver on the remote side, you need to use GDB as a debugger. But you have the bundled LLDB selected.

Secondly, you need to launch your application on the target in the following way -

Thirdly, if you are debugging a shared object library, avoid specifying the .so file as a symbol file. With .so as a symbol file, the debugger resolves the source location to two places: one to the actual address in memory, and the other to a file address within the .so file, which is not a valid memory address. As a result, stepping and other debugging actions do not work correctly.


I trying to debug a .so, the library is used by a JVM, meaning I can't give an executable when starting the gdbserver.
This is why I used the --attach flag.

I changed to GDB and removed the so file but still dont reach the breakpoints.
Now the program is stuck


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