Anyone know what the format of data exchanged between Jetbrains and the IDE is?


Does this question make sense? 

 What mimetype of data is exchanged between Jetbrains and an IDE connected to JB servers, both using AI and not using Ai?

Is it text (.txt)? .html? javascript files? a JB specific binary format that JB editors process and present in the IDE as .html?

So to offer a concrete scenario,  at time point a,  I the  end user,  type some code into Intellij. 

At time point a+1 , that part of the  AI feature running on my local machine reads what I typed and  contacts JB servers, passing that info in some format (← what is this?? text or binary?). 

Then at time point a+2 JB servers contact their AI provider. 


Next, JB's  AI provider contacts JB severs back,  then finally JB sends data to me from that AI server and JB servers. 


What format is that data which I now receive in ? 

Is it .txt? 

Is it html? 


Is it a binary format which the Intellij my IDE receives then  processes then presents to me as, you know,  inline advice, suggestions,  code etc etc? 

What is the mimetype of anything I can expect to receive from JB ? What is the mimetype of anything I would expect to be uploaded to JB ?  This is assuming I am either enabling communication with JB and / or fully enable AI for both behavioral  and data purposes .



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Communication between JB AI service and the IDE (plugin) is marked with text/event-stream (SSE) mimetype.
For the communication between JB AI service and LLM provider (OpenAI), a public API is used. For more details please check: and




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