Compile/runtime random classnotfound issues on a scala3 project

I am having this issue for a few months now. I have a scala3 project, sbt, BSP, jdk21.0.1 on latest MacOS. Nothing unusual, only thing is that sbt adds an extra source folder in some modules, the IDE sees those fine.

But when I compile randomly I get compilation errors with a class missing. As soon as the compilation error happens, the IDE figures out the class is there and if I recompile it compiles fine.

Now I get the same issue when running code. I run the code, runtime classnotfound exception. I checked both the classpath and the location where the class should be and it is all there and fine. If I rerun (without changing anything) it runs fine (sometimes I get a 2nd classnotfound exception for an other class but if I rerun it works)

Nothing like that ever happened when I run things with sbt. And as said, always the class files or source files are always there.



Today it went as far as 

Error: Could not find or load main class xsbt.boot.Boot
Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: xsbt.boot.Boot


when trying to compile. When I tried recompiling, it worked ok.



bump. Should I open a bug request? This happens all the time and it is very annoying. Can't be the only one facing this.


Sorry for the late reply. 
If you still experience the issue, please report it via our YouTrack


Hi, the issue was fixed on the latest intellij,thanks


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