How to unregister toolWindow?


Hello team:

 I'm developing a plugin which register a toolwindow by code below:

var toolWindowManager = ToolWindowManager.getInstance(project);
var registerToolWindowTask = new RegisterToolWindowTask ("My_Toolwindow",.....);//ignore some variables
var toolWindow = toolWindowManager.registerToolWindow(registerToolWindowTask);

Then I want to unregister the toolWindow when user close current project ,But I found the method toolWindowManager.unregisterToolWindow was marked as deprecated. And I cannot find method instead in source code. Is there anyway to unregister toolWindow  by code?

Here is the code :

public class ProjectListener implements ProjectManagerListener{
	public void projectClosed(@NotNull Project project){
		var toolWindowManager = ToolWindowManager.getInstance(project);
		toolWindowManager.unregisterToolWindow("My_Toolwindow");//this method is marked as deprecated
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Why do you need to close the tool window explicitly? 

There is no replacmement for above method, so you can continue using it for programmatic use cases if needed.


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