Trying to learn python with JB plugin fails.

Installed toolbox. Used Toolbox to install PyCharm. Went here:

Pushed button. Button eventually says (parapharsing) "Failed Is your IDE still open? ) It is. Did this about 8 times. One time it worked. 

Went along with first lesson. Come to a point in very first lesson where it tells me to type ctrl Q. I do. Nothing happens (we're in an empty  search box at this point so yeah, nothing should happen) . Can't just go by that step. It's looking for something but whatever it is it's not happening. Close PyCharm. Reopen. No sign of lesson. Go back to page. Push button again. Same thing.. fail fail fail “is your IDE open?” It is. 



takeaway lesson- trying to pretend that remote web based products can be as robust as locally hosted products is a failure mode. Fail fail fail. This is actually the expected behavior. Doesn't work. That's right it doesn't work. Early on, I did  a lot a lot of programming that transmitted things over the web. Effectively wrote a remote Windows explorer.  Very successful. Very hard. The number of things that can go wrong goes way way way way up. Lots of them you can't even diagnose. In one case, the RFC for a multipart-mime transfer was ambiguous enough that the way I implemented it, it interacted with Netscape server in such a way that whatever server it contacted crashed. I had done nothing wrong, just an undiscovered quirks mode in Netscape server, you know, the one the entire web used. So for a while there I had a death  ray I could point at any computer in the world and take it down. Quirks mode. 


AFAI can tell JB intends to make all IDEs web based, even though they say they're not going to do that now. They don't want to support two versions of the UI for Intellij so why would they want to support Fleet and every single other IDE simultaneously when they do the same thing? Of course they intend for everything to go on the web (then they'll be no pirating JB IDEs, (however big a problem that really is) and they'll also be zero development privacy from whoever's prying eyes wants to see what you're up to. Hard not to think that's the point. Maybe JB is getting extra-extra-extra money from sources  to get software development off private machines and into the cloud ?  


Just asking the obvious questions because there are big gigantic societal implications to entering into a zero-privacy world of software development which  absolutely has  nothing to do with software development ease, pleasure, convenience or goodness.  



Annnnnnnyway… this little mad-venture into internet web-based buttons that remotely detect your IDE and load a plugin on your local machine  then take you step by step through some process burned and crashed about 19 times out of 20.  


As expected. 


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