Intellij Plugin Verifier Error: Package "org.jfree" is not found



I'm currently in the process of publishing my IntelliJ plugin, but I've encountered an issue with the plugin verifier. The error message I received is as follows:

Package 'org.jfree' is not found along with its 6 classes. Probably the package 'org.jfree' belongs to a library or dependency that is not resolved by the checker. It is also possible, however, that this package was actually removed from a dependency causing the detected problems. Access to unresolved classes at runtime may lead to NoSuchClassError.

I've added the necessary dependencies in my build.gradle.kts file, as you can see below:

dependencies {

I've double-checked that I'm using the latest versions for all dependencies. Despite this, I'm still getting the error message mentioned above.

Any insights or solutions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help!

Best regards, Niko


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Please inspect the resulting plugin distribution ZIP file from buildPlugin task whether it contains the library JAR files at all (it should unless you have any other customizations in your Gradle script).


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