Datagrip editor get active text


In DataGrip when writing a query in query console I can see a highlight around the query I am working on

I want the plugin I am developing to get this text
not all the text from the editor 
just the query that is currently highlighted

I tried this but I alway get NULL

This works but gives all text in editor

I am using InteliJ IDEA, Kotlin, Gradle

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Hello Ewenson!

You can process all relevant statements as follows:

public static void handleConsoleQuery(@NotNull final Project project, @NotNull final PsiFile file, @NotNull final Editor editor) {
  JdbcConsole console = JdbcConsoleProvider.getValidConsole(project, file.getVirtualFile());
  if (console == null) return;
  PsiElement elementAt = JdbcConsoleProvider.elementAt(file, null, editor);
  if (elementAt == null) return;
  DatabaseSettings.ExecOption execOption = DatabaseSettings.getDefaultExecOption();
  JdbcConsoleProvider.Info info = JdbcConsoleProvider.findScriptModel(file, elementAt, editor, execOption);
  if (info == null) return;
    chooseStatements(info, null, false, model -> {
       * Iterate through all statements in the selection.
       * In case there is a caret but no selection, there will be exactly one statement guaranteed.
      for (ScriptModel.StatementIt<?> it : model.statements()) {
        try {
          String query = it.consoleQuery(console.getPStorage(), Conditions.alwaysFalse());
        } catch (TranslateException ignored) {

private static void handleConsoleQuery(@NotNull String query) {
  // ...

The same logic is written here as used to determine the position of the frame. 

(!) Please note that there may be more than one statement within the frame. (!)

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