SSH not uploading to remote host

PyCharm 2023.3.2

Build #PY-233.13135.95


Just installed this version recently and having a number of issues with SSH. 

In my local files (on my Project window), I used to be able to drag them to the Remote host and it would upload the files there automatically. Now it is unresponsive when I drag and drop - no error message, just no file transfer takes place. 


Thanks for any help.

Could you please clarify if you are using a remote SSH interpreter and deployment configuration or a Remote development option (Gateway/JetBrains client)? 
Also, please collect PyCharm logs with **Help | Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data**, upload the archive here and tell us the upload ID:

remote SSH interpreter and deployment config

upload ID: 2024_01_24_fXciYbcgj5yQe2NX4ZmBoH



Hey, thank you for the provided data.
Unfortunately, I didn't find anything strongly related to the drag'n'drop issue, but I found some issues with remote host connectivity. Also, I wasn't able to reproduce the problem on Windows with the SSH interpreter.
Let's follow some basic steps to distinguish the problem source; check if the issue continues after every step:
1. Disable the following plugins, restart PyCharm: R Language for IntelliJ (233.13135.65), Rainbow Brackets (2023.3.9-233), CodeGPT (2.2.12)
2. Close PyCharm, remove the .idea folder from your project root, and start PyCharm.
3. Remove SSH interpreter, SSH configuration (Settings | Tools | SSH Configurations) and related Deployment configuration(Settings | Build, Execution, Deployment | Deployment), then re-add the interpreter.
Please let us know if it helps or if any further assistance is required.

Still no luck after following those steps. 

One extra piece that may be informative: the names of the local files in the Project folder are colored as red. No idea if that's related, but thought I would mention it. 


One other point - I can still edit files from the remote host within pycharm - or delete files. Just will not let me drag and drop. This is an important convenience because otherwise I will have to go to a separate SSH connection outside of pycharm to do this and that is very clunky.


And one bonus point: this was fully functional as of Pycharm 2022.3.1

Sorry for the late reply. Could you please create an issue on YouTrack so we can properly process it?

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