What's going on here?

I can't seem to resolve why the regex is underlined:

…and obviously, the null isn't very informative. LOL!

Might someone advise what I'm doing incorrectly?

Hi, I typed out the expression from the screenshot, but the issue did not reproduce for me in 2023.3

Could you please provide your code sample and logs from **Help | Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data**? 

You can use uploading service at https://uploads.jetbrains.com/ , and provide upload ID in your reply.

I modified the regex slightly:
Just sharing for continuity's sake.

Here's what I have tried before posting: (I work in IT support, HATE asking for help)

I removed PyCharm, deleted all of its settings data, and reinstalled it.  The issue is still there.  Next, I disabled all plugins manually and then restarted with no plugins active.  The issue still occurs.  I'm out of other ideas to try.  

Upload ID for diagnostic data: 2024_01_26_KX7HF68ugP1r4b7H5NPFoU

Upload ID for the source: 2024_01_26_LBTG3YJBQeyYS3mQfXVYYq

Thanks for having a look at it.

Thank you. According to the log, you still have some custom plugins enabled.

Could you please disable all custom/downloaded plugins and check if the issue persists?

Custom plugins: [Dracula Pro (1.4.0), Color Highlighter (18.0.0), .env files support (2023.3), BashSupport Pro (, HighlightBracketPair (1.4.2), Extra ToolWindow Colorful Icons (1.31.1), Better Highlights (2024.1.2), Regex Tool (2023.4.1), Extra Icons (2024.2.2), AI Assistant (233.13135.116), GitToolBox (500.1.8+222)]

You can disable custom plugins in one of the following ways:

- From **Preferences | Plugins** > click on the gear icon > "Disable All Downloaded Plugins"
- By starting the IDE with `disableNonBundledPlugins` option from the terminal. [How to start IDE from the terminal](https://intellij-support.jetbrains.com/hc/en-us/articles/360011901879-How-to-start-IDE-from-the-command-line)
- By running `bin/repair` script from the terminal and following the prompt

Please provide new log without the plugins.

Fully disabling plugs did solve the null context popup window; however, as you see, the underline persists.

A screenshot showing what the logs should confirm:

Upload ID: 2024_01_27_KfjaDZCdtmbqaszDC6obaM


Ah.  I'm glad I reported it then.  It had no impact on functionality, but it did drive my OCD insane as when I see underscore, I think, “What did I break?”

Is the highlighted background a result of it still being seen as a hyperlink?  Also, the workaround for the underscore works as you advised.

Thanks for taking a look.

You can place the caret on the highlighted part, press Shift-Shift to call "Search everywhere" and search for "Jump to colors and fonts". You should end up on the exact setting you need to change.

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