Callback URL


I'm developing a plugin for jetbrains and I need a way to redirect back to the text editor (I'm testing on intelliJ). 

Is it possible to achieve this without an external server? What would the callback URL be, for intelliJ for example?



I'm sorry, but the description is unclear. What does it mean to “redirect back to the text editor”? Redirect from where? What does the idea of an external server mean? Please describe the use case in detail.


Quoting user reply:

I want to use OAuth authentication for the plugin. There is a requirement to have a callback URL so OAuth knows where to go after the authentication in the browser. Currently I get an error from intelliJ : 

'Cannot open URI: Unsupported protocol: 'idea' ' . My callback URL is idea://..... which opens intelliJ but I get this error. I want to know how to construct the callback URL so that I can get the access token from OAuth. 


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