Undoing Update Project

I'm an experienced developer, but new to PyCharm

I accidentally hit the update project on the pull-down menu when I meant to hit pull.  I hadn’t read about this operation and assumed that it was equivalent to sync in the IDE I had been using.  But to be clear I didn’t intend to use it at all, it was a mousing error. 

It seems to have added all my design (100s of them) documents to my local repository, merged several unrelated projects, and done something that I don’t yet understand that has caused my local copy of every file to be the head (since I had intended to pull into an out-of-date local repository, this is quite a mess).

I had no idea this was such a nasty operation and would really like to disable it.

Is there a way to recover. At the moment, my fastest path to recovery seems to be to restore from backup and repull, but I will lose a day that way (but would lose several days manually inspecting and cleaning in the command line).

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Do you mean by updating the project that you pushed to a remote repository? What if you undo the changes - https://www.jetbrains.com/help/pycharm/undo-changes.html



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