Computer Crashes When Training With Tensorflow

I find that if I leave pycharm on training a model with Tensorflow overnight or over a week it's likely to cause a computer crash if the pycharm window is maximized. So I leave if minimized, but the problem is that sometimes I'm working on other files in the project and need it maximized. I'm training on the CPU on windows 10, and the usual way it crashes is if I'm listening to music the music  gets choppy, as if the cpu is sputtering. 

Also worth noting. is that now that my project folder is 80G in size the IDE overall is acting slow.

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> project folder is 80G

I assume most of it are datasets/media. If so, make sure they are excluded from indexing:

We can investigate the crash if you submit an issue to with the following data:

- logs from **Help | Collect Logs and Diagnostic Data**
- system crash logs and dumps (depending on your OS)
- If you get high CPU usage before the crash happens, a CPU snapshot as well --

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