PhpStorm-EAP, PHP 8.3.2, Xdebug 3.3.1, Laravel Valet, Mac M1 not playing nicely and doesn't recognize breakpoints

At some point in the last week (before upgrading to PhpStorm EAP), all my debugging capabilities failed from both the command line and web requests. I cannot figure out what's going on or even how to troubleshoot this. So here we go:

phpinfo() and xdebug_info() both indicate that Xdebug is successfully installed. 

However I cannot get a breakpoint to catch from a CLI command on in a web request controller. How do I troubleshoot this?

Thank you for any assistance!!


It is a wild guess but I would suggest unticking “Ignore external connections…” first:
Did it help?  


Already unchecked, unfortunately.


Ended up using this an excuse to try out Laravel Herd and that ended up fixing this.


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