How to get CSharp References comment


Many people have asked me to support Rider, and I have been researching for a long time.

Other languages can obtain comments using psiElement.getReferences().resolve().

C # does not have an object that can getReferences().

how should I obtain reference comments?

My Plugins:


My Code:

    protected String refDoc(@NotNull LineInfo info, @NotNull PsiElement ref) {
        // kotlin ref.getReference() == null but ref.getReferences().length == 2
        @NotNull PsiReference[] references = ref.getReferences();
        if (references.length < 1) {
            return null;
        for (@NotNull PsiReference reference : references) {
            @Nullable PsiElement resolve;
            try {
                resolve = reference.resolve();

    public @NotNull List<Class<? extends PsiElement>> getRefClass() {
        return List.of(JSPsiReferenceElement.class);




Rider doesn't operate on a real PSI tree, and all PSI-related operations should be implemented in the Rider part of the plugin. See:


Can you give me some code references or class names? After reading the content in the link, I still don't know how to do it.


Hi linwancheng ,

Rider uses the ReSharper SDK (i.e., not the IntelliJ SDK) to parse C# syntax. Therefore, expect to write C#/.NET to support your feature. I think the inspections sample project could be helpful to get started with how things are working. Since I expect you also want to use some of your existing infrastructure, you must send data between C# and Kotlin code. For that, I recommend looking into the protocol sample project (check the README).



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