Pycharm Remote Development deployment is intermittent

The remote development feature works great - most of the time.  However, sometimes the Deployment tools are disabled then randomly re-enabled, and I have no idea why.

This shows up in a few ways.  Sometimes the Automatic Upload  (set in Tools → Deployment → Automatic Upload (always) ) just quietly does not upload.  Other times if I try to force a manual upload all of the upload options are greyed out.  Or sometimes ‘Upload to …' is available, but not to the target I'm working on .  In any case I can always successfully open an ssh session to the target and the ‘test sftp’ button under the Deployment tabs always works. 

I can't correlate this behavior to anything - intermittent network connection, target lock up, errors in my code, etc.  I have no idea what determines when the the deployment options are enabled and when not. 

My system is fairly up to date –  developing on an Ubuntu linux desktop (22.04), Pycharm 2023.3.3 Professional, targeting a few remote Raspberry Pis.  The Pi's are running Python 3.11, a virtual environment, and os v12 (bookworm).

thanks ~

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Automatic upload only works when there's a default deployment selected in **Preferences/Settings | Build, Execution, Deployment | Deployment**, and it has a valid path mapping. Please check those settings when the issue happens next time.

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