php storm font awasome 6 auto completion

Hi is there a plugin or something that can give me font awesome 6 Languages for icon classes 

i tried Iadd the font to  js file in the anything to & Frameworks → Javascript → Library

but that didn't do anything

Unfortunately, it’s not quite clear what completion is required. Can you please describe this feature in more detail?

Please see - is it a feature you are looking for?

Elena Pogorelova 

yes but i think he as talking about css and i am talking about HTML 

so something like if i type <i class ='fa-light fa-icon-name' > 

as i type the icon name i should be able the fetch all the with icons names similar icons if you guys can add the preview of the rectangle to would be amazing

in the yellow rectangle you can have the icon name and red rectangle you can have icon preview

the idea here is the we dont have to leave the IDE for the icon we are looking for 


I see. If you have the font-awesome.css file included in your project, classes completion should just work. The color previewing would indeed require a special support.


ok but i have not included the font-awesome.css

i am using the kit cdn

<script src="" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>


Unfortunately the IDE can't provide CSS selectors completion from a .js file, it needs .css files.


ok cool 

but if you guys can create a plugin when you activate that it give the icon class with the preview

Please feel free to create a new feature request here: We’ll see if it can be implemented.

There was a plugin for version 5, the suggestion here sadly does not work either whether you are using a custom kit or the SVG JavaScript version. It only works if you are using the web font CSS version. I guess someone will come with an auto complete plugin eventually for version 6.


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